Fertility issues

Thank you for your support during a difficult time of unexplained infertility . It really helped to feel like I was doing something positive and I loved the warming mona treatments. I am obviously delighted to be pregnant! Thank you.

S, Henley on Thames

Long term neck pain

Just to say thanks for the session on Monday….I was exhausted afterwards but had a great nights sleep and woke feeling much better and my neck felt so much better, the session definitely helped and see you next week!

J, Henley on Thames

Cough and Cold

I had a fantastic treatment with Deborah which really helped with my cough and cold and I felt so much better afterwards. I am also generally feeling better in myself having come for treatment and feel more energised.

D, Reading

Growing Pains

I took my daughter for acupuncture as she had suffered with severe growing pains for many years. She is delighted that the pains have now completely gone! She did not always want to be needle, so on those days Deborah used acupressure or moxa, but L was normally ok to have the needles as she knew it was helping her as she could feel her pains getting better.

L, aged 9


‘My first experience of acupuncture and thought I would give it a go for headache treatment. As a semi sceptic of anything alternative, I had low expectation but Deborah is so knowledgable and professional and I have not had a headache since my last session 6 weeks ago. I would highly recommend Deborah.’

K, Shiplake

General boost

‘I’d highly recommend Woodedge Acupuncture. Deborah is an intuitive and meticulous practitioner who takes time to assess the whole picture when putting together her treatment plan. Her gentle approach immediately put me at ease and I felt significantly lifted after each session.’

E, Henley on Thames


‘I have been suffering from nose bleeds for years. Upon the suggestion of my Dad, I decided to explore whether acupuncture may resolve the problem. I had previously experienced acupuncture for muscular problems, but I was quite sceptical that it could help with this particular issue. I had four treatments in relatively quick succession: 1 hour per session. Each time I was treated by Debs with warmth, professionalism and compassion and I was made to feel safe. Debs always created a relaxed, deeply calming atmosphere, and so by the end of each session I felt rejunevated and energised. My nose bleeds have not returned since I began the treatment, which is a startling departure from the norm. I fully intend to return for more treatments and strongly recommend Debs to anyone who may be considering acupuncture.’

K, Shiplake


‘Acupuncture has had a big impact on me, I used to have a bad 10 days after treatment but now my mood is good and I can eat. I really notice it if I don’t come.’

K, Thame

Paediatric Acupuncture – Teenage headaches

I have been suffering for with headaches for some time now so my mum suggested acupuncture. I was nervous about it, I did not know what to expect about how the treatment would be. Deborah was calm and explained the treatment to be very well. I was not happy to have the needles at first but Deborah made me feel very comfortable and I trusted her to use the needles on me. Deborah is a really friendly and kind hearted lady. After my treatment I am happy to say I Have not suffered with a headache since. I am very grateful to you Deborah and will remember your kindness to me always. Thank you for making such a huge difference!

K, Henley on Thames

Ongoing illnesses

I just wanted to say thank you for fitting me in this morning, I’ve had a great day! After a very long time of not feeling myself I haven’t had a headache and my fuzzy head that I had before I saw you this morning went shortly after. I’ve had a feeling all day of being sort of lighter (and strangely taller). That’s the only way to describe it, feels like I’m more my old self. My nose is still blocked but feels a lot less pressure across it and easier breathing. Hopefully it lasts until I see you next week.

S, Henley on Thames

Headaches and neck pain

I went to see Debs as I have had problems with headaches and my jaw (TMJ) for a long time which then lead to a very stiff and sore neck. I went on advice of my orthodontist. Debs has been amazing, my neck pain is easing, it has been present for over 20 years so I don’t expect it to disappear immdeiately but it is getting there. In the four weeks I have seen Debs she seems to has totally harmonised my body. I didn’t realise that is was so out of sink. But now my stress levels are really low, nothing makes me anxious as it did before, I feel so much happier and I have so much energy. I saw her one week when I was trying to fight a cold and by the next day it had disappeared and I felt great again.

Debs is very easy to talk to and her sessions are very therapeutic. I will continue to see her every few weeks just to work on my neck and everything else seems back to normal.

S, Henley-on-Thames


I contacted Deborah for treatment with a range of menopausal type symptoms which included bad hot flushes, mood swings and lethargy. Over the course of a few weeks my hot flushes have completely ceased and other symptoms massively improved which has been amazing! She is extremely empathetic and thorough and has also offered me some excellent lifestyle suggestions to support and complement her treatment. Go and see her she’s brilliant.

L, Henley-on Thames


Coming for regular treatments has made me feel much better, my symptoms have settled and I feel very different, more chirpy and happy going about my day to day life.

M, Thame


I feel calmer now I have acupuncture and like I can cope and I am not getting any pain anymore. I really like coming and we have a good chat!

S, Shiplake